Forest Service Issues Guidance On E-Bike Use On National Forests And Grasslands

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service announced guidance on how e-bikes are used on national forests and grasslands. The finalized guidance updates existing policy and helps local forest service employees who are expanding e-bike access at certain national forest locations.

National forest currently allows e-bikes on all Forest Service roads that are open to motorized vehicles. However, only 38 percent of national forest trails are reserved for motorized vehicles. The new guidelines create a process for expanding access to other national park trails for e-bike riders.

“National forests and grasslands are a place for all people to recreate, relax and refresh,” said Forest Service Chief Randy Moore in a press release. “The additional guidance will help our district rangers and forest supervisors better serve their communities with a policy that allows managers to make locally based decisions to address e-bike use. This growing recreational
activity is another opportunity to responsibly share the experience of the outdoors with other recreationists.”

The Forest Service manages 160,000 miles of trails in 42 states and Puerto Rico for different outdoor activities. E-bike riders are growing in numbers and the Forest Service has sought to accommodate these new riders.

The Forest Service is not the only agency looking to open up trails for e-bike riders. The Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service opened up 18,000 miles and 16,000 miles of trails across the nation for e-bike riders.

You can find more information on the Forest Service’s e-bike policy here.