About Us

From the first time EBike Press CEO Brian Hamilton rode an e-bike, he quickly realized the potential impact it could have. The product was perfect as an alternative for car based short trips. Environmentally friendly, e-bikes offered a simple commuting option that perfectly combined recreation and fitness. It was a great family activity as well.

As electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, Brian felt compelled to create a source to help educate anyone who was interested in e-bikes.  So late in 2020, Brian decided started EBike Press.

It started with the idea that there weren’t many “unbiased” resources for electric bikes on the web – most resources were either advertisements or written by people who didn’t understand the product they were writing about. Our main focus is to provide information about e-bikes – how they work, their benefits over regular bikes – anything that would help our readers become better informed and answer any questions readers may have.

The mission at EBike Press is simple: to provide top notch information about electric bikes (e-bikes) and to become THE online resource for everything e-bike.