Walmart Introduces Mid-Range Hyper E-Ride E-Bike

Big box store bikes have provided affordable mobility solutions for decades. Having bikes available in many different varieties, Walmart bikes are great for getting riders from point A to point B. Recently Walmart has begun selling electric bikes with some models selling for under $500.

Now, the retail giant is offering a full-suspension electric bike named the Hyper E-Ride. Starting at $1,498, the new bike is a good option for the beginner or casual e-bike rider looking for a durable two-wheeler to go exploring. However, just because the Hyper E-Ride comes with a full suspension frame doesn’t mean it’s capable of taking on extreme trails like the more notable e-bike brands. Wear and tear will be more noticeable as the components are less durable than high-end e-bikes.

Walmart states that the Hyper E-Ride aims to support mountain biking by producing top-quality products for e-bike enthusiasts. We most likely will not be seeing Hyper E-Ride bikes in competitions, however, it’s great that Walmart has decided to introduce an affordable electric mountain bike to the market.

The Hyper’s 36V mid-drive motor provides 250 Watts of power. Walmart doesn’t provide information on the manufacturer of the motor and doesn’t provide any speed numbers. The bike’s power comes from a 36-volt battery allowing riders up to 20 miles of range per charge. Even with the low mileage range, the battery is slow to charge taking around 4 hours to reach full capacity.

Outside of the electric components, the Hyper has front and rear disc brakes, a Shimano 1X7 drivetrain, an SR Suntour 120mm front fork, and rear air shocks.

It’s clear the Hyper E-Ride has some dated technology but for entry-level riders looking to get into e-bike mountain riding, it is a great place to start due to its price point.