New Study Shows E-Bikes Are The Most Popular Form of Electric Transportation

Step aside Tesla, e-bikes are the most popular form of electric transportation according to a recent study by Deloitte conducted in Germany.

The study surveyed 1,008 citizens who use electric transportation and asked which types of e-transportation they used.

Electric bicycles were the most popular option with 18 percent of commuters surveyed saying they prefer to ride an e-bike. Electric cars and electric scooters made up 7 percent of commuters’ main preference while electric mopeds made up 3 percent and electric motorcycles made up 2 percent of commuters surveyed.

The study also asked commuters to rate each form of electric transportation by design attractiveness on a scale of one to four. E-bikes were considered the most sleekly designed with an average score of 2.7, narrowly beating out electric cars.

Commuters said they preferred e-bikes over other forms of transportation due to their practicality, and sustainability, and they function as an excellent alternative to traditional forms of transportation.

This study in Germany is not an outlier as e-bike brands are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world. The United States saw a 70 percent increase in electric bicycle imports in 2021 according to The Bloomberg Report showing that the best e-bikes are even outpacing the most popular electric cars.

E-bikes are a great form of transportation because they provide a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation while being faster and easier to ride than a regular bicycle or scooter.

While cars are still the dominant form of transportation across the world we are seeing more and more commuters drop their gas-powered car for the best electric bike.