Harley-Davidson Unveils New Mountain E-Bike For Moderate Off-Road Riders

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company is expanding its range of e-bikes to appeal to trail riders with the unveiling of the new Serial 1 BASH/MTN. The e-MTB is Harley Davidson’s first attempt at manufacturing electric mountain bikes and it is the company’s second e-bike in their Serial 1 series. Harley-Davidson’s city e-bike MOSH/CTY came out last year.

The BASH/MTN is marketed as a versatile e-bike best suited for moderated off-roading along with city riding. The e-MTB is not recommended for experienced mountain bike riders.

The BASH/MTN features a suspension seat post, hydraulic disc brakes, and Michelin off-road tires. The e-MTB features a 529Wh battery that gets anywhere from 19 to 59 miles off one charge. The battery recharges in under five hours. The e-bike features a Brose Electric motor that can go up to 20 miles per hour before restricting power output is activated.

The BASH/MTN is a limited edition e-bike with only 525 units being initially sold in the United States. This unique e-bike is selling for $3,999.

For more information visit the Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 website: