Cobra E-Bike Provides Rider Safety With Rear-Mounted Camera

E-mobility company TO.TEM is working to provide better safety for its e-bike riders with their newest bike, the Cobra. The commuter e-bike features TO.TEM Eye technology, an accident-avoidance system that makes use of cameras to alert the rider of obstacles approaching from the rear. The same technology was recently introduced in the company’s Lynx electric scooter and has received positive reviews.

The TO.TEM Eye system focuses on safety and is made up of two components. The first part is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform available to the rider via a mobile application and the second is a rear-view camera installed under the bike seat. Attaching the rider’s smartphone to the handlebar, allows them to receive live video from the camera via Bluetooth. The rider can then use their phone as a rearview mirror to see potential hazards coming from behind. The program also uses the built-in AI to evaluate the video it receives from the camera. An alarm is set off if a car is coming up on the rider too quickly, giving them enough time to move to the side.

The Cobra electric bike comes with a 250 Wh battery hidden within the bike’s frame. The e-bike weighs 34 pounds, which is on the lighter side when it comes to the majority of electric bikes on the market. The Cobra comes with a front and rear hydraulic braking system, a Gates Carbon Drive, a carbon fork, and 700x42C size wheels. When using pedal assist the Cobra’s 250-Watt rear hub motor can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The battery will provide enough power for an average of 43 miles before needing a charge that takes 4 hours to fully recharge.

Given the new safety features, the Cobra is a good choice for people looking for a commuter e-bike. However, riders must understand that the new technology is no excuse for paying attention to their surroundings. The Cobra electric bike is now available for order on the e-commerce platform Indiegogo retailing for $4,080. The e-bikes are expected to ship by October 2022.