This Is How You Can Extend Your E-Bike’s Battery Life

Due to technology advancements, specifically with lithium-ion batteries, the cost of e-bikes has become more affordable than ever for people across all income levels. As prices continue to drop more and more people are looking to purchase e-bikes for leisure and transportation.

After purchasing an e-bike it is important to know how to take care of its many components, but none is more important than the battery. Keeping the e-bike battery well maintained will allow for years of fun without having to purchase a new battery which can be costly.

Keep The Battery Clean

E-bike batteries can deal with rain and dust but aren’t built to stay wet and dirty. If the battery comes in contact with water dry it immediately to avoid corrosion and oxidation which can weaken the battery. After riding always wipe down the battery and the housing to remove dirt and debris that can erode the connectors.

Avoid Exposure To Extreme Temperatures

E-bike batteries can operate in various temperatures, meaning e-bike riders can ride their bikes throughout the year no matter where they live. However, you must always avoid extreme temperatures, especially when storing your battery.

As the battery cells warm, they decrease in electrical resistance. Lithium-ion e-bike batteries exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight for prolonged periods will discharge quicker and result in more frequent charging.

Cold conditions also cause electrical resistance. When riding your e-bike you will notice you can travel farther in warm conditions compared to colder days. Always store your battery in a climate-controlled area to prevent damaging the battery cells.

Avoid Quick Charging

DC fast charging provides power directly to the battery by bypassing the onboard charger and increasing the charging speed of the battery. This method is okay for charging after infrequent long-distance trips or emergency needs. However, you will not want to use this method of charging when it comes to daily use. Fast charging will deplete the life span of your battery if done consistently over time. Stick to the normal charging mode outlined in your e-bike’s manual to keep your battery in top condition.

Avoid Fast Discharging

Charging your e-bike battery right before use leads to battery degradation. Put your battery on the charger and juice it up over a few hours before using the bike. Quick spurts of charge, then use of the bike will deplete the lifespan of the battery.

Avoid Long Periods At 100% Charge

This may sound odd, but e-bike riders should avoid overcharging their batteries to 100 percent. Most lithium-ion batteries have peak performance if charged to around 80 percent. Understand your riding habits to determine the best optimal charge for your bike.

For example, if you use 40 percent of the battery daily consider keeping your battery charged around 80 to 60 percent. If you find yourself not being able to get into this habit, consider using a smart charger to tailor your charging needs.

Avoid Discharges From 100% To 0%

You should never fully discharge your e-bike battery on a regular basis. Discharging e-bike batteries to 0 percent will cause degradation and charging issues over time. Short discharges and recharges are better since they don’t stress the battery. Occasional full battery discharges are acceptable, but it is best to charge after a few rides to avoid 100 percent discharge.

Use The Right Tires

Rolling resistance significantly affects the charge of the battery for e-bikes. Tire pressure, width, compound, and tread pattern all affect the amount of power the battery uses. Consider higher tire pressure and understand where you will be riding the bike the most. If you ride on trails use thicker treads. Whereas if you are mainly on roads use a smoother tire.

Use The Right Riding Mode

Check your electric bike’s manual for optimum riding practices. Your manual will explain which riding modes are best for your style of riding. Choosing the right mode will maximize battery efficiency and preserve the battery in the short and long term. Every electric bike has different modes so find the right one for your needs.

Never Open An E-Bike Battery

Never open your e-bike’s battery for any reason. Lithium powder in the battery is highly flammable and combustible when it encounters oxygen. If you think your battery is faulty or defective take it to your local e-bike shop or return it to the manufacturer for a replacement.

An e-bike is a major investment that you need to take care of. Protecting the battery and understanding the best ways to keep it performing well will keep you on the road for years to come.